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How much does it cost to use?



There is no cost to the customer and most  of the businesses. 


You see.... I advertise them and they advertise themselves, I just help them do a better job.  They  pay $35 Euro (about 45.99 CAD) a year  but  not anyone gets on my system.  Only approved trades people  can be displayed here.   And for this this includes one booking system.  If they want additional booking systems then it costs and additional $10.00/booking system/year but it may be for them only.


There will be three trades people of each disapline  and I will  find them.  You will have a choice of which ones you want to use and you will be able to  make an appoitment  with them  direclty. 

You will be ablke to tell us how it went.  did the trades person show up on time, where they clean.  Did they vacuum up their own mess with teir vacuum? These are things we need to know to make sure that the servicve you got was athe best possible.  

You as a consumer will rate your experence with the trades people  and others will be able to see  your comments. 

We will provide an environment where you as the customer can get great service while the trades person become more efficient.  In Canada this system worked well because most trades people there and Here in Europe as well are a little disorganized.  And it will help them make more money by being more efficient  while helping you. It works great.  and it will work in Europe too. 

Here is an example how it may work  for you.

You have a dentist office and   you have  a dental assistant that  does cleanings and your customers can book him or her  directly so they know who is coming when.  But  you have two other dentists who do  check-ups,  You can have your regular clients coming in to the main dentists and the rest  can be booked on line for all your new clients,  The boss  will get a copy of every booking which is make off his web-site allowing him or her to keep things organized in the office.  

There is no other booking system which is easier  to use 


Once the customer signs-in, it is easy for them to make appointments with specific people 24-7-365  and if  one of your dental people goes away for a week, you can block off that time, so not one can book it and it runs in a secure server that never goes down or fails. 

LES the Handyman